Hi mama friend! I'm Amy Cothren, founder and voice of The Mama Mindset podcast. I am a mother to 3 beautiful girls, and wife of 10 years to a supportive husband and best friend. I left my dream job a few months after my first daughter was born to be a stay-at-home mom, and never looked back. That was 7 years ago. My road to SAHM bliss (most of the time) however, was incredibly bumpy. Without a mentor or a solid community to guide or assist me on this new path, it was up to me to direct my life down the course I wanted it to go. It took me years, often choosing the road less traveled, and a lot of hard work.  But, eventually, I manifested my vision and desire for my life into reality through trial and error. The person I am today, is completely different than the new mom "me" of 7 years ago. My journey has sparked a passion and fire within which I haven't been able to kindle. This passion is to help other moms find their place, their purpose, and their joy at home. I believe in living a productive and fulfilling life through continuous growth and effort. Like you, I am far from perfect and will always have areas I need to improve upon. When people look at SAHMs/homemakers I want them (and you) to see there is more to us than just motherhood and housekeeping. We are pillars of strength within our homes for our children and our spouses and it's about time we start acting like it. Let's shift the mama mindset. 




The Mama Mindset podcast was born from my passion for creating growth mindset among moms and I feel that is the key to leading a fulfilled life. At some point, someone decided women should be talked to softly, kindly, and gently. I say we need to put a stop to all of that. We are strong, confident, independent women who want to thrive at home, know our purpose, and lead joyful and fulfilled lives for us and our families. We can take the real talk, the tough-love, and the push forward. This idea that women are fragile has created a self-entitled victim mentality among us, and I want better for you, me, and all future women. The beautiful thing about a podcast is I get to talk, and you have no choice but to listen. Take what you want and leave the rest. It isn't soft. It isn't fluffy. It will make you uncomfortable because you know what I'm saying is the truth. And in the end, if you do the work, you will change your own life for the better. Let's take the journey together.